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Hay Fever
Hay fever is a mistaken immune system response to airborne particles.  These particles can be flower, tree or grass pollen, animal dander, dust, house mite, mold, spice, fragrance or any air borne irritants.  Most people do not have a problem with them, but for people with hey fever, their immune system reacts as if the body were invaded by a common cold pathogen. The respiratory system would response by sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, watering eyes, itchy eyes, headache, coughing and even asthmatic wheezing.

Western medicine treats the symptoms of hay fever successfully by a combination of antihistamines and decongestants.  However, they are very often accompanied with some uncomfortable side effect of drowsiness, dryness, blurry vision.  Although newer medication are having fewer side effect than what they used to have, a lot of patients might not want to stay on the drugs for a long period of time,

Chinese medicine looks at the mistaken immune system's response as an imbalance of the body's condition. Some times with age and change of environments, it might trigger disharmony in the body.  There are many different combination of patterns of disharmony, with a few core conditions of weakness of 'wei qi' (defensive energy), and/or weakness in the digestion system, with too much dampness and phlegm lodged in the respiratory system etc.  A Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner will diagnose into the syndrome and body constitution patterns for each individual and prescribe a tailor made treatment program for them.  Normally herbal treatment alone is very effective.  And acupuncture could be added into the treatment program if considered necessary.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for hay fever is typically divided into acute attack and in between attacks.
During acute attack, there are some simple, safe and effective herbs and therapies that can alleviate the discomfort effectively.  And in between attacks, the doctor will focus on the root causes of the patient's condition, say be it the nourishing of the deficient aspect of the defensive energy, or to strengthen the digestive system to get rid of the dampness in the system, or to dislodge the phlegm from the respiratory system.

We will also make recommendation on dietary changes to make your treatment plans more effective.  Some minor life style changes can make a big difference.  So would you like to try an all natural way of treating your allergies?  If it has worked for 2000 years on billions of Chinese, it can't be wrong.
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