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Do you know that you don't have to suffer with your periodic headache, your painful period, and your swinging mood?
Do you know that you don't need HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to deal with hot flashes, insomnia, and osteoporosis during menopause?
Do you know that Chinese medicine can significantly improve the successful rate of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) by as much as 40 to 60%?

And that there are many successful stories of couples with fertility issues had their lovely babies solely rely on Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatment alone?
Do you know that you can age gracefully and beautifully without wrinkles and sagging skin?
And do you know that Chinese Medicine can help you lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off?
Here are just a few examples of what we can help:-
(and if you are interested in knowing more about any of the following conditions, please click into the links below.You can also click into the related pages from the content list on the left side of this web page)
- habitual miscarriage
- postpartum and post surgery recovery
- hormonal and endocrine disorder
- eating disorder
- digestive disorder
- chronic constipation
- skin and acne problems
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