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Weight Loss & Weight Management
Losing Weight is relatively easy compared with keeping in off.  At Vitality Traditional Chinese Medicine, we dedicate ourselves in helping you lose weight and keep it off in a holistic and healthy manner.
Overweight in Chinese Medicine’s point of view is the deficiency of the digestive system in maintaining a healthy metabolism.  Fat tissue is excess dampness and phlegm lodged in the skin and muscle.  We do not believe in using diuretic, purging or starving method because those are gimmicks to dehydrate to lose huge amount of short term pounds.  Also it will damage your health, your metabolism and you will ended up getting more problems then you can ever imagine.
In our clinic, we fix your digestive system, balance the deficient aspect of your body to speed up your metabolism, get rid off accumulation, maintain muscle mass, tone up your body silhouette, give you energy and achieve a long term healthy weight.  You will be given custom blended herbal formula according to the constitution of your body and if considered necessary, you will receive a course of acupuncture-moxibustion treatment.  We will gently increase your body's basal metabolic rate and improve your body's processing of water and fluids by strengthening specific organ functions in the body. 
In Vitality TCM & Acupuncture Clinic,we do not encourage you to go on a strict, starving, and almost impossible diet like a lot of other weight loss clinics do.  We believe food and dining is an important aspect of social life and our enjoyment of life.  A crazy diet creates lots of stresses and is harmful to your physical and mental health. It also damages your social and family lives, making you more miserable then ever.  Here, we will help you keep a correct and positive attitude towards eating and enjoy the process of weight losing.
Do not expect to lose 40 lbs in a month, but with Chinese herbs & Acupuncture and our help together, you will lose it in less than six months, and keep it off for life.
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